Zunächst folgt die Wutrede von Lothar Matthäus in Videoform: Schauplatz ist ein Fernsehstudio des arabischen Nachrichtensenders Al Jazeera.

Lothar Matthäus: Wutrede Englisch Video


Mitarbeiter der „Bild“-Zeitung haben die Wutrede von Lothar Matthäus trankribiert. Wer also gleich mitlesen möchten, hat nachfolgend den Text vor Augen:

Lothar Matthäus: „I await only respect. And he don’t respect.“

Moderator: „Why he didn’t do anything?“

Lothar Matthäus: „I waste my whole evening for this shit here?“

Moderator: „But he explained to you the situation.“

Lothar Matthäus: „What he explain me?“

Moderator: „He told you that there is a technical problem.“

Lothar Matthäus: „Yes, he can explain me everything, but I lose all my evening. I stay only in Europe only for Al Jazeera for this eveing, because I had a job to do in London.“

Moderator: „He’s talking to you. If you want you can …“

Lothar Matthäus: „Of course, he’s talking with me. (Beginnt zu telefonieren) Yes, hello. No, sorry, eh, hey, I tell you now something. I stay only in Munich for this fucking job tonight; because I cancelled … Sorry, I come down, sorry, you give me, you give me nothing. Sorry. You think you can play with me? I'm not a child! (Kurze Pause.) I respect, I respect you a lot. I respect, I respect. You don’t respect me now at this moment. OK finish. It’s OK. Sorry, hello, my friend. I like to planes with, I like to explain you something. I changed my plane to make a favour to Al Jazeera, for Mr Nasser. I can-, I can-, I cancelled my trip to London. Today. For tomorrow. For tomorrow. (Pause.) Sorry. Look you don’t have to insult it anymore for me. Sorry. I cannot accept this what you was doing today. First you must to prepare yourself better. This is a first. And I lose, in this moment when I’m travel around the world, and I have my plan to go to London, now I must to go tomorrow, to be here for nothing? (Kurze Pause.) I was, I was here.“